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The ONE symposium
that simplifies your luting procedures


Choosing the right cement that is suitable for your workflows and individual treatment needs seems to offer more options than ever before. For many years, resin cements were a speciality restricted to bond high-esthetic ceramic restorations where the application was often associated with technique-sensitive application steps. Meanwhile resin cements have become very popular for virtually any type of restoration and procedure. We are now at the exciting edge where self-adhesive and conventional adhesive resin cements, are merged in order to reduce the complexity for the customer.

With the advent of GC’s 100th anniversary in 2021, GC Europe launched G-CEM ONE which offers a simplification of your cementation procedures, based on unique product features, designed to address various challenging clinical situations. Three distinguished clinical experts will present their views based on tangible clinical cases, relating to the many advantages that G-CEM One offers, ensuring the application and practical aspects are kept in focus.

At the end of the presentations you will be able to discuss the different approaches during the live Q&A, including the various clinical, procedural and scientific aspects and you are also able to receive CE credits at a charge for participating in this online Symposium.

We look forward to seeing you online!


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